Dréa’s Dream An Unfinished Dance

Lessons of love, loss, hope and healing

Every parent lives with one secret nightmare- the loss of their child. In 2002, that nightmare became a reality for Susan Rizzo Vincent, when Andrea, her only child, the light of her life was killed in a senseless tragedy by a drunk driver. That could have been the end of the story but because of the indomitable spirit which Susan shared with her remarkable daughter, it was just the beginning. Instead of burying herself in her grief, Susan reached out to others in one final gift to Andrea- she would do her best to make her daughter’s dream come true. The Andrea Rizzo Foundation was born and “Drea’s Dream” is now a reality bringing hope to children everywhere.

Drea’s Dream: An Unfinished dance taps into the horror of anyone who has felt at one time insulated from all the “bad stuff out there” only to find their world shattered by unspeakable tragedy. It is a story of love and loss, of an unbreakable bond between a mother and daughter, and a vow made on the brink of despair that led to a new beginning. It is the story of Andrea Rizzo, a beautiful young woman whose passion for helping children through the joy of dance lives on in the hopes and dreams of every young child touched by the foundation started by her mother.

Susan Rizzo Vincent, invites you to join her on a remarkable journey as she shares the joys and challenges the heartbreak and the lessons she learned through the loss of her cherished daughter. It is a story you will never forget.

Drea's Dream: An Unfinished Dance: Lessons of love, loss, hope and healing (Volume 1)
Drea’s Dream: An Unfinished Dance: Lessons of love, loss, hope and healing (Volume 1)

by Susan Rizzo Vincent

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